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Amington Launch New Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Amington website. This new launch displays a fresh, uncluttered layout along with our newly designed Amington logo. The new design has made the website fast, easier to navigate and much more responsive.

Based on customer feedback we have separated our industrial products from the TOP-TEC brand, and brought them back under the brand of Amington.  Dalen Limited remain the manufacturers of both Amington and TOP-TEC products.  We hope this change will improve the clarity of our offering to different marketplaces.

What’s New?
  • Product pages:
    New pages have been created for each separate Amington industrial product along with galleries to provide as much information as possible for the customer.

  • New logo:
    One of the most noticeable changes on our site is our Logo and Brand. The new fresh, simple design heads up the new branding for Amington.

  • Responsive design:
    The new structure of the website has created a much sleeker design that allows it to be viewed on any platform mobile or desktop.

The release of the new website displays a new direction for Amington as a brand and it is one that we are very excited about. We believe this is big step forward for how we communicate with our customers and creates a central hub that allows us to connect with the end user.  

If you have any questions about the new Amington website, please do not hesitate to talk to one of our customer service advisors on 0121 783 3838.