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Drum Positioner

Our Forklift Drum Positioner offers a unique means of transporting and manipulating drums. Its three automatically locking tines can be used for transporting drums and switching between horizontal and vertical positioning, as well as off-loading and loading drum stands, drum racks etc. The drum positioner is suitable for use with steel "L" and "XL" plastic drums of 210-litre capacity.

  • Tines automatically lock into position
  • Load drums vertically or horizontally
  • Easy to attach to the forklift truck
  • Handling capacity 400kg
  • Operated from forklift truck

Drum Positioner (FDP): Attaches to forklift to enable simple manoevre of drums

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FDP-1 Forklift Mounted 3-Tine Single Drum Positioner

Weight: 95kg
Drum Type: 1,2
Load Capacity: 400kg
Lost Load Centre: 165mm
Max Fork Size: 140mm x 50mm
Max Fork Spread: 567mm
(£2,013.60 inc VAT)